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IConfig Members

IConfig overview

Public Instance Properties

Alias Gets the AliasText for this instance.
ConfigSourceReturns the parent IConfigSource.
Name Gets or sets the IConfig name. If set then it renames this config with the parent source.

Public Instance Methods

Contains Returns true if the configuration key is present.
GetOverloaded. Returns a string key value.
GetBooleanOverloaded. Returns a boolean key value.
GetDoubleOverloaded. Returns a double key value.
GetExpanded Returns the expanded string value. This method does not replace the other key values in the IConfigSource.
GetFloatOverloaded. Returns a float key value.
GetIntOverloaded. Returns an integer key value.
GetKeysReturns an Array of the key strings.
GetLongOverloaded. Returns an long key value.
GetStringOverloaded. Returns a string key value.
GetValuesReturns an Array of all key values.
Remove Removes a configuration key.
Set Sets a key value.

Public Instance Events

KeyRemoved Occurs when a key is removed.
KeySet Occurs when a key is set.

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