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IConfig Methods

The methods of the IConfig interface are listed below. For a complete list of IConfig interface members, see the IConfig Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

Contains Returns true if the configuration key is present.
GetOverloaded. Returns a string key value.
GetBooleanOverloaded. Returns a boolean key value.
GetDoubleOverloaded. Returns a double key value.
GetExpanded Returns the expanded string value. This method does not replace the other key values in the IConfigSource.
GetFloatOverloaded. Returns a float key value.
GetIntOverloaded. Returns an integer key value.
GetKeysReturns an Array of the key strings.
GetLongOverloaded. Returns an long key value.
GetStringOverloaded. Returns a string key value.
GetValuesReturns an Array of all key values.
Remove Removes a configuration key.
Set Sets a key value.

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