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IConfigSource Members

IConfigSource overview

Public Instance Properties

Alias Gets the global AliasText for all IConfigs in this source.
AutoSave Gets or sets whether the source will be automatically saved.
ConfigsReturns the collection of IConfig objects.

Public Instance Methods

AddConfig Adds a new IConfig.
ExpandKeyValues Expands all key values.
GetExpanded Returns the expanded string value. This method does not replace the other key values in the IConfigSource.
Merge Merges all IConfigs from another IConfigSource into the Configs collection.
Reload Reloads all configuration values.
ReplaceKeyValues This method is deprecated. Use ExpandKeyValues from now on.
Save Saves all configuration values.

Public Instance Events

Reloaded Occurs when the config source is reloaded.
Saved Occurs when the config soucre is saved.

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