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IniReader Properties

The properties of the IniReader class are listed below. For a complete list of IniReader class members, see the IniReader Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

AcceptCommentAfterKeyGets or sets whether accept comments after keys.
AcceptNoAssignmentOperator Gets or sets whether to accept no assignment operator after a key.
CommentGets the comment text for the current INI line.
ConsumeAllKeyText Gets or sets whether or not all key text should be consumed. This means that even double quotes (") and commments (;) will be consumed from keys.
IgnoreComments Gets or sets whether comments should be collected while parsing.
LineContinuationGets or sets whether to accept line continuations.
LineNumberGets the current line number.
LinePositionGets the current line position (column).
NameGets the name of the current INI line.
ReadStateGets the state of the reader.
TypeGets the type of the current INI line.
ValueGets the value of the current INI line.

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