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Latest Version

Nini 1.1.0 - Download (1.18MB)

This is the second stable release of Nini. It adds loads of enhancements and fixes all known bugs. Here is the change list:

Old Versions

Nini 1.0.0 - Download (1.06MB)

Nini is the first stable version. Nini can now safely be used in production applications.

Nini 0.9.2 - Download (1.07MB)

This release was made to add .NET Compact Framework support and to ready Nini for the 1.0 stable release.

Nini 0.9.1 - Download (885K)

This release contains many small enhancements and bug fixes.

Nini 0.9.0 - Download (771K)

This release includes changes to make Nini faster and more CLS compliant, thanks to some suggestions from FxCop It includes enhanced INI support that enables you to fully load Samba smb.conf files as well as Python configuration files. It includes the normal number of bug fixes and documentation additions. There are a couple changes that will likely affect your source code: the IConfigSource GlobalAlias property has been changed to Alias and the '#' comment is no longer valid for INI files unless you choose a different INI type.

Nini 0.8.0 - Download (751K)

Release includes key value replacement, add, remove, and command line configuration support. Features enhanced merging support and includes a new Examples directory that contains the Nini Editor, which is a configuration file editor that utilizes the Nini library. It also has a basic application that uses both C# and VB.NET.

Nini 0.7.1 - Download (675K)

Fixes a major bug in 0.7.0 with the IniReader class that caused an infinite loop when parsing INI files.

Nini 0.7.0 - Download (675K)

XML and Windows Registry configuration sources have been added. A new Merge method has been added. This functionality can combine multiple configuration types (INI, XML, etc) into a single source that has access to all data.

Nini 0.6.0 - Download (590K)

Setting and saving of configuration values has now been added. The INI classes have been optimized for speedy retrieval. Several bugs have been fixed.

Nini 0.5.0 - Download (418K)

First public release. Several configuration types but several need to be added.