Nini powers several applications. This is the showcase of applications that currently use Nini to configure their applications. If you are using Nini in your application then let me know so that I can list you here. Click on an image to see the full-sized version:

Traffic Pulse NeXGen (SM)

This application, called Traffic Pulse NeXGen, is the one that I (Nini's author) have been developing along with my team at It is a .NET Windows Forms - based smart client that creates dynamic traffic reports for television news stations around the United States. Currently this program is being used in New York City, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Baltimore, Dallas, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh.

This is the main application running: Screenshot

This is an edit screen:<br/> Screenshot

Full screen display of heavy traffic in Philadelphia:<br/> Screenshot

This is a cool still shot of Philadelphia:<br/> Screenshot

smuxi (Smart MUltipleXed Irc)

This is the smuxi, the IRC client for advanced users, written by Mirco Bauer.

This is the main application running:<br/> Screenshot

This is another shot of the main screen:<br/> Screenshot

U-Lyss IRC-Bot

This is U-Lyss IRC-Bot, "The Smartest Way to Manage an IRC Channel", written by Le Ka.

This is the main application running:<br/> Screenshot

This is a shot of the application loading and saving user preferences:<br/> Screenshot

Nini Editor (NiniEdit)

These are screenshots of the Nini Editor, a command-line configuration file editor that utilizes the Nini library. It is included with Nini in the Examples directory. I wrote it as both an example for others to create their own projects for and also as a practical application that will allow you to to edit your Nini configuration files (INI, XML, and .NET) automatically such as in your application build process.

This shows the program usage:<br/> Screenshot

NiniEdit listing all configs and keys in the file:<br/> Screenshot

This example adds a config and sets a new key:<br/> Screenshot